Wednesday, 18 September 2024

Oooh! Thats a good one!

My name is Richard, I love pictures of any kind, those that are drawn or coloured, even those that are sewn and my main purpose for this blog is to show you some of the photographs that myself and my wife Sarah have shot, 

I hate to say this, but sometimes, just sometimes, she takes better pictures than me. This is where the title comes in, most people have heard it or even said it, but I say it just to hide my frustration at when we are trawling through all the pics, and I see it, in all its shimmering glory, an almost perfect shot that she has done.

Well good for her I say, this is my time to shine.

Sit back and relax

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Slow And Steady wins the race

As mentioned in a previous post, I love slowing down water and this is no exception, It was taken just off nuttall park, it makes for quite good soft motion of the water.

I like this one, for the detail in the forground and background, also the water just looks like soft flowing hair.

This was taken with my old Canon SX30is at 1/2 sec

Hair we go

Moon Beam

This was taken January just after I moved into my new house, with my new at the time Canon Sx30is, it has a fantastic zoom lens, also takes a pretty good shots when out and about. 

It was actually taken through double glazing, cos I am a little lazy when its cold outside and its warm inside, just a fine weather photographer, thats me. Just kidding!

Reflect on Me

A Momentary Lapse of Time

I love any kind of rushing water from seas and streams, sometimes even a trickle going over stones and pebbles can add a surreal like effect where you can literally slow time down. 

I have seen some photography blogs over the months and quite literally, they blow me away with their pictures. I need to take about a thousand shots at differing apertures and shutter speed to get what they have.

Most of the pictures you will see in this blog are straight out of the camera with some slight enhancements in windows preview.
This capture was taken at the seaside when it was dusk at 1/3 second hand held with Pentax Kr

Mmmm, that lovely foamy goodness